Welcome to Southern Streams

Southern Streams is a farming cluster group of more than 23,000 acres with land that delivers water to the River Kennet, River Dun & Shalbourne Brook.

Where are we?

From the end of the Pewsey Vale to the start of the Chute Causeway, along the North Wessex Downs to the river Kennet at Hungerford and to Savernake Forest near Marlborough.

Our mission

The farmer members in the group are all committed to enriching the landscape and biodiversity on our environment, whilst enhancing water quality in the rivers, streams, lakes and ponds.

Please take time to visit each section of this website to find out more about what we aim to do or look at our “Members articles” to see what we are up to.

The Protection of Water Courses

  • Follow best pesticide & fertiliser practices
  • Slow down water drainage through capture and help prevent flooding
  • Minimise soil erosion and run-off into water courses
  • Limit livestock access to water

The enhancement of Bio-diversity

  • Enhance target species of mammals, birds, insects, pollinators, wild flowers & grasses
  • Environment & Wildlife corridors

Improved Soil Management
and Farming Practices

  • Minimise soil disturbance
  • Keep soils covered as long as possible
  • Keep living roots in soils as long as possible
  • Increase plant diversity
  • Integrate livestock or apply manures or compost
  • Monitor soil health

Improved Woodland Management
& Engaging With People and Their Environment

  • Creating & managing woodland
  • Protect & manage historic sites
  • Biodiversity focus management
  • Woodland & water
  • Woodland access

Member Articles

Our farming members often write articles explaining how they are enriching the environment with their farming practices. See all the articles below.

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Program of Events

The Southern Streams team meet regularly and have various events planned for the future. Download our program of events by clicking the download button.